What is the woman’s hobby? [br] [originaltext]M: My doctor says I need an outsi

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问题 What is the woman’s hobby? [br]  
M: My doctor says I need an outside interest to get my mind off my work. Can you suggest a hobby?
W: Yes, I can suggest a hobby. Electronics might be fun, but you don’t want a hobby that requires a lot of expensive equipment, do you?
M: No, I don’t want to buy expensive equipment. I just want a vocation that is relaxing and enjoyable. Do you think collecting umbrellas would be interesting?
W: Collecting umbrellas! I’ve heard of a lot of unusual hobbies, but I’ve never heard of that one. You don’t play a musical instrument, do you?
M: Yes, I play the violin, but I want to do something different. What’s your hobby?
W: My hobby is stamp collecting. I’ve just started collecting stamps and it’s a lot of fun. Have you ever had a stamp collection?
M: No, I’ve never had a stamp collection. It takes a long time to build a good stamp collection, doesn’t it?
W: Yes, building a good collection takes a long time, but a rare set of stamps can be very valuable. I can see that you’re not interested in stamp collecting, but how about sports?
M: Yes, I am interested in sports. I want something I can do on weekends. Do you think golf or tennis would take my mind off my job?
W: Yes, I think they would.

选项 A、A rare set of stamps.
C、Playing the piano.

答案 D

解析 本题也是测试对明示细节的理解能力。根据文中男子的回答,可直接找到正确答案D。