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M: OK, so if you’re ready to take the plunge, if you wanna get out there, you have some tips. No.1 is Do Some Soul Searching.
W: Yes, I just think in order to get out of a job that isn’t going anywhere, a career that’s gonna drift, you really have to sit down and be proactive here, you can’t be reactive you have to be proactive. Motivation is really the key to making any changes in your personal life. People may sit back and say: well I’m getting a paycheck. The benefits are good. Why rock the boat? Here’s the thing, we’re spending that half of our life in the workplace, if you’re unhappy, do some soul searching, figure out where you are, and where you would like to go,
M: And part of that is you say prioritize your options. What do you mean?
W: Yeah, I mean write down 5-10 things that are important to you in your job, in your career, maybe you wanna a better work-life balance, more flexible schedule, whatever that happens to be, again, take a look at what’s making you happy, what makes you unhappy, take a look at your goals, your dreams, your aspirations and then put together a plan to actually reach those goals, because you’re more inclined to get there if you have a plan in place.
M: Good idea. You can actually write these all out. Also of course when you’re going out for that job search, you gotta have the resume, so you say make that resume stand out.
W: Yeah, you know, employers only spend about 10 seconds looking at your resume and on…
M: Ten seconds?
W: Yeah, and get this on average for every 245 resumes, they get, they only interview one person for 245 resumes. So it’s very competitive. You need to have your resume stand out, keep it short, keep it succinct, keep it to the point, focus on your measurable accomplishments. And because you’re gonna be looking for different jobs you should be highlighting different skills, different experiences, so it may be relevant for one position but not for another, so you wanna highlight different ones, have several different versions of the resume, all ready to go, then get out there, do the networking.
M: OK, and just briefly, you say do not look online, but do a lot of networking.
W: A lot of networking. That’s the key.
M: Vera Gibbons, thanks so much!
W: Thanks.
Questions 6 to 10 are based on what you have just heard.
6. According to the woman, what should people do if they are unhappy with their jobs?
7. What does the woman cite for people to consider when they prioritize their options?
8. How long does it take employers to go through each resume on average?
9. How many resumes will employers go through before interviewing one person?
10. What advice does the woman give to make your resume stand out?

选项 A、Keep their paycheck and benefits.
B、Do some soul searching.
C、Ask for advice from their friends.
D、Change the job immediately.

答案 B

解析 主持人首先提及如果决定换工作,那就需要建议,而第一条就是进行内心的搜索,这也是女士随后提到如果对工作不满意可以做的事情,以便确定自己的位置和去向,选B。