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M: If you look at any list of New Year’s resolutions you wouldn’t be surprised to see find a better job right at the top. Vera Gibbons of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine is here with some tips to help you get a better job or maybe take on a career change. Good morning, Vera.
W: That’s right, good morning, nice to see you.
M: Nice to see you too. Happy New Year.
W: Same to you.
M: Start the new year, start looking for a new job, what’s amazing is how many people are actually thinking of doing that this year.
W: Yes, one survey found that 75% of American workers plan to look for a new job this year. They’re unhappy with the pay; they’re unhappy with the situation at their work; they want new challenges; there’s no room for advancement with their current employer, so a lot of people are going to be out there looking for work, and this is the time of year that we are more inclined to actually take the bull by the horns, take the initiative to go out there and find that job.
M: That whole resolution thing.
W: Yes.
M: Is there a good time to go about doing this?
W: Well you know, the opportunities pop up all year long but, yes, the heaviest of hiring generally does take place at the beginning of the year, early, they fire at the end of the year, they hire in the new. They fire for Christmas, and then hire in the next year.
M: So if you think about doing it, you really should get out there now.
W: Get out there now and get the ball rolling, yes.
M: What about the job market this year, what does it look like?
W: It is softening a little bit, job growth is slowing down some, because of the contraction in housing and all of those sectors, but that’s been offset a bit by the service sector. Those types of companies are hiring in the service industry. We’re actually expecting 1.3 million jobs to be created this year. And one survey by Career Builder actually found 40 percent of employers will be hiring full-time employees this year. So it’s not a bad time, it’s not great, it’s OK.
Questions 1 to 5 are based on what you have just heard.
1. How many American workers decide to look for a new job this year?
2. According to one survey, what makes people change their jobs?
3. When is a good time to change jobs?
4. What sector offsets a bit the slowing down job growth?
5. What does the job market prospect look like this year?

选项 A、Neither good nor bad.

答案 A

解析 本题考查今年职场前景如何。女士从各个行业机会的此消彼长、新增就业机会的具体数目、雇主对全职雇员的需求等角度作答,最后总结So it’s not a bad time,it’s not great,it’s OK,可见她认为该年度的职场前景说不上好还是坏,总体上马马虎虎,因此A为正确答案。