Advertising is a way of bringing【B1】______to the public for the purpose of s

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问题     Advertising is a way of bringing【B1】______to the public for the purpose of selling a product, a service, an idea, or an【B2】______. The information is transmitted by means of【B3】______word or over the air. It may be presented as a simple【B4】______of fact, or as more often, it may be offered in colorful or even【B5】______language. All advertising is intended to【B6】______people to do some specific things, such as buy a product, order a service, join an organization, or【B7】______a meeting and so on. Each advertisement is paid for by a person, a group, an organization, or a business【B8】______seeking to advance his or its goals.
    In a modern society, everyone uses advertising in one way or another. A person may obtain a job by answering a classified ad, or sometimes called a small ad. It is placed in a newspaper by those wishing to sell or buy something, lease or rent something, offer or get employment, etc.【B9】______. In choosing food products and other items of daily living, he is usually guided or influenced by advertising.【B10】______.
    Advertising has certainly played an important part in making modern goods and services available to the general public, it hastened consumer’s acceptance of such new products as cars, telephones, electric refrigerators, and frozen foods.【B11】______. [br] 【B10】


答案 Advertisements may also influence his choice of a vacation spot,hotel,etc

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