World Expo is the largest theme exhibition where the organizer and participa

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问题     World Expo is the largest theme exhibition where the organizer and participants can communicate and promote the specific concepts. Therefore, the concept a World Expo 【C1】______ must tally (吻合) with the international background and 【C2】______  trend of thought at that time,  and the 【C3】______  theme must reflect the common 【C4】______  of the international society.
     In May  1999, while 【C5】______  of bidding for World Expo 2010, Shanghai Municipal Government began to ponder 【C6】______  the theme selection and presentation and listed this item of work as its 【C7】______ .
     Seemingly, the commonness and innovation of a theme is 【C8】______  The popular topics often lack 【C9】______ , while the original and never-discussed topics are likely to be strangely unfamiliar. Both of these two themes are short 【C10】______  competitiveness and mustn’t be adopted.
     Through collecting the themes and their basic background introductions of the 【C11】______  World Expos since 1933 and 【C12】______  the  development trend of the world and the development practices of China and Shanghai, the professional study group started to mine and compare the key words for the theme. After hearing 【C13】______  the opinions and proposals of the domestic and overseas experts, they recruited over 30 themes in six 【C14】______  such as "City", "Civilization and Culture", "Known and Unknown", "Exploration and Innovation", "Environment" and "Information". And after many rounds of selection and 【C15】______  and  under the support of the Bureau of International Exhibition, the study group 【C16】______  such two elements as "City" and "Life Quality", which 【C17】______  into such three themes as "New City, New Life", "Better City, Better Life" and "Metropolis, Highquality Life". Then after having 【C18】______  with over 200 domestic and overseas experts, the theme study group decided to use "city" and "life" as the key words for the theme, 【C19】______  such theme is in accordance with the general development trend of the humankind and can 【C20】______  the extensive attention of the world.   [br] 【C5】

选项 A、intriguing

答案 D

解析 动词辨义题。选项中能与介词of搭配的动词为conceive,conceive of表示“构想,设想”。intrigue“搞阴谋诡计”,常与against搭配,contrive“谋划或策划(某事);设计,发明”,imagine“想象”。D为正确答案。