Most forest fires are caused by human carelessness or ignorance. Forest fire

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问题     Most forest fires are caused by human carelessness or ignorance. Forest fire prevention, therefore, is mainly a problem of creating better understanding of the importance of forests, an awareness of the danger of fire in the woods, and a sense of personal responsibility to safeguard the forests from danger. This is not an easy job.
    Careless smokers are responsible for thousands of forest fires each year. Many of these are started when cigarette butts(烟蒂) and matches are thrown from automobiles. Others are caused by hunter, hikers(徒步旅行), fishermen, or woods workers who are careless in disposing of their smoking materials. The Forest Service has posted rules in many of the National Forest that prohibit smoking except in certain designated(指定的) areas. Many of the states have laws against throwing lighted materials from automobiles. The prevention of smoker-caused fires, however, depends upon changing the attitudes and behavior of millions of people who smoke in hazardous(危险的) area.
    The most important natural cause of fire is lightning(闪电). This accounts for 11 percent of forest fires on protected and for the entire nation. In the Western States, lightning causes a much higher percentage of fires than it does in the East.
    Advances in knowledge of fire weather are helping forest protection forces to know when to be alert to lightning-caused fires. Adequate and well-equipped forces can control them quickly and hold the damage to a minimum. Experiments in "seeding" thunder clouds to control the lightning itself have been in process for man y years, but new breakthroughs are needed for any significant reduction in the fires lightning starts.

选项 A、smoking in forests
B、changing the attitudes and behavior of millions of people
C、the chief causes; of forest fires and their prevention
D、advances in knowledge of fire weather

答案 C

解析 题干意为"文章主要叙述..."。该题为主旨题。文章开篇就说明大多数森林火灾是由于人们的粗心和忽视,第二段阐述人为造成森林火灾的情形和预防,第三段又说明自然原因主要是闪电,第四段又说明现在防止闪电造成森林火灾的措施。可以看出,本文主要讲述森林火灾的主要原因和预防。