What can you learn from stamps?We can learn many things about ______ from stamp

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问题 What can you learn from stamps?
We can learn many things about ______ from stamps. [br] Why do nearsighted people wear glasses?
In order to see ______.
Stamp-collecting is a very interesting and useful hobby. You can learn many things about geography and history from stamps. Today more people collect stamps than ever before, and special stamps are often printed for these people. If you buy a new stamp and put it on an envelope on the first day it is sold, the envelope may be worth a lot of money in the future. Many stamp collectors go to the post office when new stamps are being sold.
   People all over the world like collecting stamps. Indeed, some doctors say that everybody likes collecting something. Some children enjoy collecting the tops of matchboxes and others like collecting coins. Collecting paintings is a hobby of many rich men, but they often do this to make money. They keep the paintings for a short time and then sell it at a much higher price. The ordinary people, of course, don’t want to do like that. They collect stamps for pleasure.


答案 distant things clearly

解析 根据提示信息可知该题提问目的。听时抓住"Then they have to wear glasses in order to see distant things clearly".(然后他们就要带上眼镜以看清远处的物体),in order to后面接的就是原因。