[originaltext]W: Dad, I’m bored. Can I go to a movie today?M: A movie today? O

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W: Dad, I’m bored. Can I go to a movie today?
M: A movie today? Okay. Well, should we go with mother?
W: Yeah.
M: OK, we have to wait for mother because she’s at a meeting right now.
W: OK.
M: Alright. And what should we do after we go see the movie?
W: Umm ... go on a little walk.
M: Good idea. Where would you like to go? Would you like to go down to the beach or through the park?
W: To the beach.
M: Well, that sounds great.

选项 A、Henry Porter.
D、Adam Smith.

答案 D

解析 What’s the man’s name?