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Right, everybody. Welcome to Central College library services. My name’s Kathy Jenkins. I’ll give you a brief introduction to the library. We have a well stocked bank of resources which are in three main locations: the library itself, with books and periodicals; the serf access language center, with audio and video material; and the micro-computer lab. I’ll start with the microcomputer lab, or micro lab as we call it. It is fitted with 24 personal computers.
    If you are a member of the library, you may borrow CALL discs in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian as well as English. By the way, CALL stands for computer aided language learning: C A double L, "CALL", for short. You may also borrow a range of word processing and desktop publishing packages. All disks arc, of course, strictly for use in the micro-lab only. If you wish to print anything you should use one of the five machines around the outside of the room. If you want a top quality printout from the laser printer, come and see myself or any of the library staff. There is a charge for using the laser printer.
    There is always a queue to get to the terminals toward the end of term. Come in and get to know how to use the computers early in the term and use them regularly, rather than just before exams and essay deadlines, in order to avoid delay or disappointment, Training sessions are held on a regular basis, on the first and third Thursday of each month, and are free to full time students of the college.

选项 A、Computer classes.
B、Training sessions.
C、Laser printing.
D、Package borrowing.

答案 C

解析 “There is a charge for using the laser printer”使用激光打印机需要收费。