[originaltext]W: Alex, Ms. Rachel will be arriving in Beijing for the first tim

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W: Alex, Ms. Rachel will be arriving in Beijing for the first time this morning. I’d like you to pick her up and help her get settled in.
M: Sure, Mrs. Zhang. Which hotel is she booked at?
W: Friendship Hotel, and everything has been arranged, under her name.
M: Shall I take one of the company cars?
W: No. Because we’re negotiating such a large purchase with her, it’s in our best interest to show hq around in style. We’ve rented a very luxurious car.
M: Good idea. I’d better be on my way.
W: Uh, Alex, do you have a jacket and tie at the office today?
M: Yes. Why do you ask?
W: I know it is very humid, and the dress code is pretty casual here. But I think it’s important to look professional when a client is visiting.
M: I understand. I’ll have my suit jacket and tie on when I meet Ms. Rachel.
W: Fine. And I think it would be proper if you leave your jacket on, unless Ms. Rachel takes hers off first, or mentions how hot it is.
M: I follow you. Then I can suggest that she take off her jacket, then follow suit.
W: Yes. It’s important that we pay attention to the details.
M: Will she visit our office today?
W: She’ll probably have jet lag today, so nothing’s scheduled today.
M: I’ll take her right to the hotel then, so she can get some shut-eye.
W: Good. And please remind her that dinner is optional tonight, if she’s not too tired. Otherwise, we have a meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.
M: Yes, madam.

选项 A、She will be shown around the city.
B、She will be in a meeting immediately.
C、There is a dinner arranged for her.
D、She will go to the hotel to have a rest.

答案 D

解析 本题问“Ms. Rachel 到速后就要做的事情是什么”。对话中提到,因为时差(jet lag ,得带她先去宾馆先睡一下 (shut-eye 。故[D]“她会先去宾馆休息一下”为正确答案。