[originaltext] Mice in general are not well-liked, but a mouse named Mickey h

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Mice in general are not well-liked, but a mouse named Mickey has won the hearts of millions. Movies about Mickey Mouse have been popular with audiences almost everywhere for more than seventy years.
   Walt Disney, who created this lovable cartoon character, was born in Chicago in 1901. Later his family moved to a farm near Kansas City, where Walt worked for a time as a newsboy. But what he really enjoyed was drawing pictures.
   When Walt went back to Chicago, he studied cartooning at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. His education was interrupted when World War I began in 1914. Though he was not yet old enough to join the army, he wanted to help in some way. He joined the Red Cross and went to France, where he stayed until the war was over.
   After the war, Disney returned to Kansas City to work for a company that made fairy story cartoons. This was the kind of work he liked best. He made up his mind to find better ways of making the cartoons move, so that the cartoon characters would seem alive. He bought an old movie camera and made a few films in his garage. In 1923 he joined his older brother, Roy, in Hollywood, California, where they soon set up their own company.
   Sound was just starting to be used in movies, and Disney believed it had great possibilities. He quickly added sound to his cartoons. When he made Mickey Mouse talk on the movie screen, audiences were delighted. Mickey became a great success with both young and old.

选项 A、He was born in Chicago in 1910.
B、He ever sold newspapers in Chicago.
C、He made several fills with an old camera.
D、He end his brother set up a company in 1932.

答案 C

解析 Which of the following is TRUE about Walt Disney?