While it seems pretty obvious that gratitude is a positive emotion, psycholo

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问题     While it seems pretty obvious that gratitude is a positive emotion, psychologists for decades rarely delved(探究)into the science of giving thanks. But in the last several years many【S1】_____have shown that it is one of humanity’s most【S2】_____emotions. It makes you happier and can change your attitude about life, like an emotional reset button.
    Beyond【S3】_____that being grateful helps you, psychologists also are trying to【S4】_____out the brain chemistry behind gratitude and the best ways of showing it. University of Miami psychology professor Michael McCullough, who has studied people who are asked to be regularly thankful, points out that giving thanks is a potent(强有力的)emotion that feeds on itself, almost the【S5】_____of being victorious. He said psychologists used to underestimate the【S6】_____of simple gratitude: "It does make people happier... It’s that incredible feeling. "
    One of the reasons why gratitude works so well is that it【S7】_____us with others, McCullough said. That’s why when you give thanks it should be more【S8】_____and personal instead of a brief thank you note for a gift or a hastily run-through grace before dinner, psychologists say.
    Chicago area psychologist and self-help book author Maryann Troiani said she starts getting clients on gratitude【S9】_____, sometimes just by limiting their complaints to two whines(牢骚)a session. Then she eventually gets them to log good things that happened to them in gratitude journals that are becoming regular therapy【S10】_____where people list weekly or nightly what they are thankful for.
A)heartfelt F)immediately K)strength
B)experiments G)gradually L)experiences
C)tools H)connects M)equivalent
D)supposing I)proving N)leave
E)figure J)reluctant O)powerful [br] 【S5】


答案 M

解析 名词辨析题。空格前的冠词the表明空格处需要填入名词。这里Michael McCullough意图将感恩与成功进行比较,阐明感恩与成功很类似,也是一种有强大效力的且能够自我培养的情绪。纵观各名词选项,equivalent“等同物,等价物”符合文意。