Baekeland and Hartmann report that the "short sleepers" had been more or less

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问题    Baekeland and Hartmann report that the "short sleepers" had been more or less average in their sleep needs until the men were in their teens. But at about age 15 or so, the men voluntarily began cutting down their nightly sleep time because of pressures from school, work, and other activities. These men tended to view their nightly periods of unconsciousness as bothersome interruptions in their daily routines.
   In general, these "short sleepers" appeared ambitious, active, energetic, cheerful, nonconformist (不动摇) in their opinions, and very sure about their career choices. They often held several jobs at once, or workers full-or part-time while going to school. And many of them had a strong urge to appear "normal" or "acceptable" to their friends and associates.
   When asked to recall their dreams, the "short sleepers" did poorly. More than this, they seemed to prefer not remembering. In similar fashion, their usual way of dealing with psychological problems was to deny that the problem existed, and then to keep busy in the hope that the trouble would go away. The sleep patterns of the "short sleepers" were similar to, but less extreme than, sleep patterns shown by many mental patients categorized as manic (疯人).
   The "long sleepers" were quite different indeed. Baekeland and Hartmann report that these young men had been lengthy sleeps since childhood. They seemed to enjoy their sleep, protected it, and were quite concerned when they were occasionally deprived of their desired 9 hours of nightly bed rest. They tended to recall their dreams much better than did the "short sleepers".
   Many of the " long sleepers " were shy, anxious, introverted (内向), inhibited (压抑), passive, mildly depressed, and unsure of themselves (particularly in social situations). Several openly states that sleep was an escape from their daily problems. [br] Many "short sleepers" are inclined to believe that______.

选项 A、sleep is the most desirable way to handle psychological troubles
B、sleep is the most cheapest item on their routine program
C、sleep is a way to withdraw from the reality
D、sleep interfers with their reasonable judgment

答案 B

解析 由题干中的“Many‘short sleepers’are inclined to believe”可以定位到文中第一段最后一句话。该句提到“这些人(睡眠少的人)往往认为夜晚无意识的睡眠时间令人讨厌,因为这打断了他们的日常事务”。由此可知,“睡眠少的人”不太重视夜晚的睡眠,认为睡眠是他们日常生活中最没价值的。故选B。