Narrator Now read the passage about stress and students. You have 45 seconds

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问题 Narrator
    Now read the passage about stress and students. You have 45 seconds to read the passage. Begin reading now.

    Now listen to a part of a lecture on this topic.


答案 [Professor]
    We’re here today to talk a little about stress -- that is, mental or emotional stress. It’s something we can’t entirely avoid, and yet we need to be aware of its effects on us when it builds up to dangerous levels.
    Stress is quite usual among university students. Of course, you know the more obvious sources of stress: a deadline for an essay or a project, for example, can certainly be a source. Especially as the day gets near. Also, the feeling you might have when you have to speak to many people at once. That can bring on stress as well. But there are other levels, less obvious reasons, too. Stress can come when you’re listening to a lecture and trying to keep up with the lecture’s words as you take notes. (laughs). In fact, you might be feeling stress as you’re listening to me right now! Another stressful situation for the university student is waiting for results. After you hand in your paper, for example, you have to wait a while before you know how you’ve done and that period of time can be very difficult. One more source of stress is bum out -- the feeling you get from working too long and too hard at your assignments. Bum out happens on the job and at school, especially. It’s also important to remember that not all the stress you may be felling has to do with your studies. In fact, there are plenty more sources of stress in our day-to-day lives. Things to do with family or work, for example.
Q: The professor describes the various sources of stress. Explain where the students’ stress comes from.