What does Mary think is so incredible and wonderful? [originaltext]M: Think abou

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问题 What does Mary think is so incredible and wonderful?
M: Think about it, Mary. Through telecommunication, information travels almost at the speed of light.
W: That is 1,860,000 miles per second, isn’t it?
M: Yeah. Or 300,000 km per second. Of course only light can travel that fast.
W: Yeah. I know, Bob. But it is still incredible. When an astronaut lands on the moon within seconds we on earth can see it happen. The people here in Australia see it at the same moment they see it in U. S. It’s wonderful.
M: Maybe it’s wonderful. I know very well it is a fact. All over the planet we can see the same things at the same time -- someone moving on the moon or playing a soccer game or we can even watch the same war, if we like.
W: That’s awful!
M: What? Soccer?
W: You know very well what I mean. The war. It’s awful to have a war and it’s awful to watch a war on television. It’s not fight to sit in your house to watch people kill each other.
M: Right or wrong, awful or not, it is a fact. Wars are on television all the time, and people all over the world watch it. Sometimes they eat dinner while they watch.
W: I don’t believe that.
M: The trouble with you is that you have many opinions about things but you don’t look at facts. You don’t see what you don ‘t want to see.

选项 A、The speed of light.
B、The speed of telecommunication.
C、Astronauts landing on the moon.
D、The United States.

答案 B