The cause of most of the divorce cases in the U.S. is ______. [br] [originaltex

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问题 The cause of most of the divorce cases in the U.S. is ______. [br]  
In many homes, divorce is caused by the battle between the sexes. To understand the problem, one must remember the modern American woman is freed. During childhood and adolescence, the American girl is given freedom and education which is equal to a boy’s. After completing school, she is able to get a job and support herself. She doesn’t have to marry for financial security. She considers herself an independent, self-sufficient person. She wants a husband whom she can respect, but she doesn’t want to be dominated by him. She wants a democratic household in which she has a voice in making decisions. When a husband and wife are able to share decision-making, their marriage is probably closer, stronger, and more satisfying. Otherwise, the couple is likely to end up in the divorce court.
     When a couple gets divorced, the court usually requires the man to pay his former wife a monthly sum of money. If the couple has children, they usually remain with the mother, and the father is expected to pay for their support.
     Although divorce is quite common in the United States, 80% of those who get divorced remarry. The remarriages allow thousands of people, especially children, to enjoy family life again, but at the same time many troubles have arisen. A well- known American joke tells of a wife calling to her second husband, "Quick, John! Come here and help me! Your children and my children are beating up our children!"

选项 A、The children become homeless.
B、The man is financially responsible for the welfare of his children.
C、The woman gets money from the man yearly.
D、The man and the woman remarry soon.

答案 B