Why does the man object to the idea of going for a walk? [br] [originaltext]W:

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问题 Why does the man object to the idea of going for a walk? [br]  
W: Hi, Michael. How are things?
M: Hi, Liz. Good, thanks. What’s new with you?
W: Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight.
M: Well I was thinking of going to the University Library to do a bit of study. What’ve you got in mind?
W: I thought we could just go for a walk. Maybe down to that park near the beach.
M: Tonight?! You must be joking, it’s too cold. What about coming round to my place? We could just watch TV or something.
W: Watch TV?! That’s all you ever want to do! I want to go out somewhere. That new Jackie Chen movie is on in town. How about that?
M: Look, if you really want to go somewhere, you could come with me to the library.
W: Oh, come on.
M: Okay, just joking. What time does it start?
W: Oh, I think it’s half past eight or something. I’ll just get the paper and show you something. Just hang on for a minute. You’ll love it. It got a fantastic review in the newspaper last week.
M: Ok, Ok. So, where are we going to meet?
W: It’d be easiest if we met at the cinema.
M: Ok, see you there then.

选项 A、To find out when the film starts.
B、To show the man a review.
C、To work on it while they are at the library.
D、To kill time before they meet again.

答案 B