What’s the woman’s job about? [br] [originaltext]M: This, in short, is what I’v

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问题 What’s the woman’s job about? [br]  
M: This, in short, is what I’ve done with my life. Now you tell me all about yours.
W: I do a lot of traveling for X. T. L., a big import-export firm. My company has expanded very rapidly and I do market research for them.
M: Market research! I’ve often heard about that, but I don’t quite know what it is.
W: Like many others, I compile all the information manufacturers, importers and exporters are interested in. Businessmen need a lot of information, not only about competition but also about prospective customers.
M: Manufacturers compete pretty hard, don’t they?
W: They do, and they plan their marketing policy according to the information provided by market research, so that risks may be reduced as much as possible.
M: Then the aim is to find out what articles are demanded by a certain market, and when and at what price those articles should be sold, isn’t it?
W: That’s it.
M: And bow’s this information obtained?
W: Our Sales Department supplies us with figures; besides, we do a lot of reading, and we ask consumers for their opinion. As long as a businessman makes good use of the information he’ll be able to reduce risks and losses.
M: All this is very interesting, but I thought you were going to tell me about your life.
W: But this is my life.

选项 A、Information about competition.
B、Statistics about prospective customers.
C、Information about demand for certain articles,
D、Marketing policies worked out by the woman.

答案 D