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问题                                                               23 Chestnut Ave. ,
                                                              Wellington, Shropshire.
                                                              Wednesday, 5th October
Dear Joe,
    I’m afraid this won’t be a very cheerful letter because at the moment I’m feeling absolutely fed up. It’s the usual story; this morning I had another quarrel with my mother. Well, to tell you the truth, it wasn’t really a quarrel, because I just shut up and didn’t say a word, which always angers her. Anyway, what happened was that she came into my bedroom and started shouting at me because I had thrown my dress over the chair instead of hanging it up properly. Well, she is right of course, but on the other hand I’m so busy at the moment with exams and one thing and another that I really haven’t got time to do everything right. I know I’m not the world’s tidiest person, but it seems that at the moment I cannot do anything right as far as she is concerned. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, when I didn’t reply, she really lost her temper and started going on about all sorts of things, bringing up every single thing that I’ve done wrong in the last few years. To listen to her, you’d think I was the laziest,  the most selfish and the most thoughtless person in the world, and I don’t know what else. I know she doesn’t really mean it, and in her own funny way she is trying to do her best for me.
      Anyway, as if all that wasn’t enough, my father lost his temper with me at lunchtime, just because I asked him a perfectly reasonable question. Honestly, Joe, it’s at times like this that I can hardly wait to get away from home, find a place of my own, and start living my own life in my own way.
     Sorry to sound so gloomy. I’ll write to you again when I’m in a better mood. Please write to me when you have time. I always look forward to your letters.
P.S. As always, give my love to your pretty daughter, Claire. Tell her I’m coming to see her next summer. [br] According to the passage, ______ annoys Anna’s mother most.

选项 A、her quarrel with her mother this morning
B、her throwing her dress all over the chair
C、her keeping silence facing her mother’s scolding
D、her asking her father an unreasonable question

答案 C