[originaltext]W: The air quality in this city is awful! [8]The pollution levels

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W: The air quality in this city is awful! [8]The pollution levels were so high that we weren’t supposed to go outside without a face mask again.
M: Exhaust from vehicles causes a great deal of damage to the environment.
W: [9]On top of that, there are a few large chemical factories in the suburbs, which are contributing to the high pollution levels in the water and the air in this city.
M: Much as I love this city, I think I’m going to have to find a greener city to live in. living in a polluted city like this just can’t be good for my health.
W: I know what you mean. However, there are so few places left that have not been affected by global warming. If it’s not the pollution, then it’s the natural disasters or the greenhouse effect.
M: What is the greenhouse effect exactly?
W: It’s the gradual rise in the earth’s temperature.
M: I see, so it’s similar to global warming?
W: Yes, they’re related to each other.
M: I heard that some people in England are pleased with the fact that the climate is becoming warmer because it’s making their towns a more pleasant place to live.
W: People joke about the benefits of the increase in temperature, but it’s not all good news. They’ve been experiencing a lot of deadly storms there as well.
M: People always seem to make jokes as a way to deal with unfortunate situations.
W: I think if everyone pitches in, the world will be a better place.
8 Why were people supposed to go out with face masks?
9 What is the top reason for the serious pollution in the water and the air?
10 What does the woman think of moving to a greener city?
11 Why do some Englishmen like warmer weather?

选项 A、It is not feasible.
B、It is a sensible solution.
C、It will be good for health.
D、It will cause greenhouse effect.

答案 A

解析 男士说尽管很爱这个城市,但他还是想找个相对绿色点的城市居住。女士认为几乎没有什么地方不受到全球变暖的影响,不是环境污染的问题就是自然灾害、温室效应的问题。由此可以判断女士认为男士的这个想法不可行,故选A。